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We do residential home cleanings and take pride in cleaning the spots others might miss. We try to accommodate any frequency desired and offer excellent cleaning at reasonable prices. We feel you will find us to be excellent cleaners that you can trust in your home. Call us any time to schedule a free estimate.


Springtime garden wake-ups (yard pick-up, raking, garden clearing), Seasonal Garden Maintenence, Mulching, Weeding, Edging, Plantings, Pottings, Small Garden Installation, Fall/Winter garden closing, and Garden Sprucing for Real Estate Sales.


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Garden Cleanup

Garden Edge Modification

Garden Cleanup

Tree Apron Cleanup

Garden Cleanup

Real Estate Sale Prep

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Who we are.

Diane Markham

I am Diane, owner of Zelda's Home and Garden.
Zelda's is a family owned and operated business. The nickname Zelda was given to me by my children at least 15 years ago. Whenever I started a project, either inside the house, cleaning and rearranging, or outside in the gardens, I became so lost in the work that it was hard to tear me away from it. That's why we came up with the nickname for the person I became when I was absorbed in what I was doing. When life took some turns, I decided to turn passion into a business. That's when Zelda's became a reality. My three oldest children all help out with the business and we have so much fun getting to spend time together while I get to teach them many of the things I have learned along the way. I became interested in gardening when my first child was born, 26 years ago. We planted some bulbs when she was just old enough to be walking, and I haven't stopped since! I have learned many many things through the years and I look forward to sharing these skills as I make your home more beautiful, whether inside, outside, or both!

Diane Markham

Annelise has had a passion for appearance enhancement since she was a child.
After working full time in a salon for the past 7 years, shes decided to go from enhancing peoples appearances to enhancing their homes and gardens! Being "Zeldas" oldest child has given her lots of time to learn from the Boss herself and she cant wait to see what she can do for your home today!

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