Inhumane Animal Practices and the Environment

[youtube][/youtube] Footage from PETA’s documentary Meet your Meat. There are a lot of complications to the climate due to Inhumane Animal killing. When farm animals are in conditions such as overcrowding and uninhabitable surroundings, they become weaker and are unable to move around like they would in an open farm just as it is shown […]

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San Fransico Common Roots [Video of the Day]


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Bus Riders Union press conference

The BRU had a press conference on June 29, 2009 for the  release of the Clean Air and Economical Justice Plan (CAEJP) policy paper.  The policy paper explains what the CAEJP is and goes into detail about the amount of money nedeed to adopt the CAEJP and how it would cut travel time, increase ridership, […]

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Green Schools, Black Schools

Pointe Dume Marine Sciene Elementary School in Malibu recently became “the first public elementary school in Southern California to join the Grid,” according to this article. Their $100,000 purchase will lower school utility bills, earn them potential incentive payments and rebates, and allow them the satisfaction that their actions are reducing fossil fuel dependency. […]

July 13, 2009 · Christine · 2 Comments
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Environmental Justice in the Courts

In this past year the Supreme Court has become less supportive of environmental cases.  Richard Lazarus said that this past term of the Supreme Court was “the worst term ever” for environmental interests.  There were five cases in which the result in all of them was a loss for the environmental groups.  The court allowed […]

July 12, 2009 · Ryan · One Comment
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